Appreciating my Orange & Blue HBCU

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

When I first began my search for colleges as a senior in high school, I knew I had to go to an HBCU: there was literally no doubt about that. I was previously introduced to the HBCU culture as a freshman in high school but I really learned about it when I actually started going to one. At 16 years old I was attending Savannah State University as a dual-enrolled junior. It was there in an Africana Studies class that I finally understood the real importance of attending an HBCU. I met so many positive people and teachers and made valuable connections in and outside the classroom. I felt lots of support from my professors who pushed me to excel. I felt motivated to perform well academically because of my peers. I was inspired by the success stories from alumni and I loved how the school just felt like one big family of people I've known forever. Savannah State made me feel empowered and going there helped me to discover new interests, talents, and pursue a career path I never even thought of. Originally, my plan was to major in Business Administration and attend an HBCU outside of the Savannah area but after going to SSU, my plan changed completely. I fell in love with the institution that sowed into my life and identity so deeply, I just had to go with the school i knew was perfect for me. I decided to major in Mass Communications with a focus in Journalism and of course attend The Illustrious Savannah State University, the college on the sea. I remember telling myself that there was no way I could go to college in Savannah because I grew up there and how I wanted to leave the city but really, there is no school I'd rather be than SSU. Savannah State has an amazing Mass Communications program and SSU is known for that, they even have a $1.2 million state-of-the-art broadcasting facility, so I knew for a fact I would excel there. My plans post-graduation are to become a multi-media journalist/ newscaster. I appreciate Savannah State so much for giving me the opportunity to get ahead and dual enroll as a younger student. SSU has given me the ability to graduate a year earlier than most people my age and saved my parents a year's worth of tuition. SSU taught me to believe in myself, have confidence in my skills, and that truly anything is possible. #Tigersareseriouslyimpressive

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