Behind the Beat 912: Ōkami D

Baltimore raised, Savannah made artist Ōkami D is ready to be the next big thing Savannah has seen. Ōkami feels that his music is something people need to hear. With unique messages and beats that will simply put you in a daze, Ōkami is here to show the world his authentic sound and vibe.

Many who chose to pursue their dreams of becoming an artist and creating their own sound grew up around music which eventually sparks their interest. Ōkami says, “...what first got me into music itself was just growing up listening to all these giants that we respected... I knew at a early age that I was going to do something in music because music makes this world go around”. He says he came up listening to Tupac and Biggie but what really inspired him to make music were the artists he went to school with (Iries Misstxkes, Seetweleverun, Tygmann, Remembersyah,pote baby, poteuniversity, etc).

Music as we know is all around us. On television, inside stores, in the car, restaurants, sporting events, on elevators, you name it, we can’t escape it. Ōkami says, “If you go downtown on a busy day all you hear is music from the people to cars, everything around you [us] is creating music... even the earth itself”. That’s a part of what makes music so beautiful. It’s one of the most pure and powerful forms of art. Lyrics and beats can take us far in our imaginations, it can change our mood, and even help us get through some of the toughest times. “The music I make is just something I feel people NEED to hear, whether it’s something conscious dealing with real life..something mood setting either lovey dovey or heartbreaking, or just a turn up get lit to”, said Ōkami.

As mentioned previously, music is an important and popular form of entertainment. Not only does it entertain but it can enlighten us, highlight pertinent issues, and even inspire changes within society. The unique messages behind Ōkami’s music is what I believe will take him places. Ōkami says, “The message behind my music is you gotta get it how you can really. Put talent and hard work together and you can’t be stopped. If you got that burning fire to do something.... nothing [can] stop you. Start a business or create something that’s worth billions, the stars aren’t the limit anymore”.

Making music is a process. Finding a beat, writing lyrics, making it flow, and sound great can be a challenge. Ōkami describes his music making process as all over the place. “I sit back and listen to the figure out my lyrical flow or sometimes I’ll try to freestyle” he said. He goes on to discuss the other parts of how he makes songs saying, “I mostly write what comes to mind or...I’ll say it over and over and play the beat over and over...just to memorize”. Artists that Ōkami says inspire his sound are Drake, Lil Durk, King Von, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar(K.Dot), Schoolboy Q, and Pop Smoke, to name a few. Ōkami says if he could open up for anybody (depending on the event) it would be between Drake, Lil Durk, YG, PARTYNEXTDOOR, or Lil Baby.

The music industry in itself can be tough. Being successful in music, perfecting your career, developing a fan base, getting signed, creating a brand/reputation for yourself can all be so tedious. Ōkami said, “If I could change anything in the industry it would be [to] stop shortening people out their money and to stop all these fake ass publicity stunts to make themselves look good”.

The internet and social media is a big part of becoming big as an artist and getting places with a music career. Ōkami and I discussed how the internet has impacted the music industry, he said, “I feel like over time the internet has became a double edged sword for gotta be careful what you say...”. The internet can indeed be a double edged sword for music just as he said, as much as it is positive it can be negative as well. “Flashing money can get you set up, robbed, killed, or all the above. Internet beef just for some clout is sickening and out of context to start problems and signing to labels is just as bad as selling your soul to the devil”, says Ōkami. On the positive side, the internet can open doors for artists, expand their fan base, give them exposure to other artists for potential collaborations, and etc. Ōkami says that with a platform you have the power to hold your own beacon as a voice for the people you make music for.

As time goes you can expect to see Ōkami chasing his dreams of music and spreading his authentic sound and message with the world. Ōkami says he plans to keep building and going to the top with his team YLW MAFIA. He informed us that more music videos are on the way and that his new Lover Boy album drops on Valentines Day. Ōkami also says L.O.W. Vol. II i in the works. He wants everyone to be on the lookout for the first highly anticipated MAFIA album; WELCOME TO THE MAFIA. Ōkami said, “I can’t stop...won’t stop... [I] plan on doing a lot of traveling soon also. Just getting to the billions so I can buy land and lots of it...big acres”.

One last thing Ōkami would like to leave to his fans out there and anyone that reads this is that the stars are not the limit. Push past the limits society creates and keep going, blessings onto you and the world you create.

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