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Behind the Beat 912: Baby Chopo

Upcoming Savannah made artist, Baby Chopo is highly motivated and ready to take his music to the next level. With plans to inspire the youth, create generational wealth for his family, and spread a positive message in the city, Baby Chopo is exactly the type of artist the industry needs. His natural melodic sound, authenticity, and ability to sing and rap will help him stand out from the crowd and take him far in his music career.

Artist Baby Chopo, born Kamerion Smith (Kam), says nearly all of his life he had an interest in music. When he was around 4 years old his god parents bought him a keyboard that he used to pretend to play the keys like Ray Charles. As a child, he grew up dancing and performing at family functions and in the band or talent shows at school. Kam said, “In school my favorite class was always music as I got older I joined the middle school & high school band”. While in school, he often initiated freestyle jam sessions in band class when the music director wasn’t present and even got in trouble because of the noise that flooded the halls. This was a sure enough indication that making music was something Kam really enjoyed.

One of the most pure and powerful forms of art and expression is music. The eccentric beats and intriguing lyrics expressed through music can take us far in our minds, help us destress during tough times, change our moods, and most importantly help artists connect with their fans. “I try to make music anyone can relate to instead of just boxing myself in”, Kam said, “I remember how it was listening to music...only being drawn to artists...I feel I can relate to”. Now, as an artist, Kam makes music he feels is relatable so that fans can feel connected to him.

Many born and raised in Savannah are familiar with the late rapper Camouflage, famous for his songs "Cut Friends" and "Laying My Stunt Down". Kam gives credit to Camoflauge for inspiring him to make music.

“I used to hear so many stories about him and I grew up listening to him. He was a big star to many of the natives in Savannah”, says Kam. Through time, he gained a deeper interest in artists like K Camp, Speaker Knockerz, Tupac, Toosii, and Nipsey Hussle. Kam said K Camp’s story and sound inspired him while he was younger. “Tupac’s intellect & philosophies guided me, even to this day. Speaker Knockerz and Toosii inspired me to record myself”, said Kam, “they even inspire me to mold my own sound & control my craft. I actually…got to meet Toosii at a DTLR meet & greet”, he explained. Kam also mentioned Nipsey Hussle as an inspiration. “Nipsey’s Ambition & Free Game is simply motivation to all that I do even outside of music. He’s all about independence & not letting anyone pimp you out of your craft no matter what it is you do”, said Kam.

The music industry can be tough to find luck in and is forever changing. With new artists constantly on the rise and our forever evolving music culture, change within this industry is inevitable. Kam and I spoke about things the music industry should consider making different and Kam said, “I really wouldn't change the industry itself but I would ...eliminate all the fake ‘hood’ rappers and...all the super sexual artists in today's industry. I feel the industry is definitely pushing those types of artists because it's SELLING and because they are the most influential in today's trendy society.” He discussed how there are artists out there who really appreciate the music for the art itself, who really have something to speak about and are a part of this industry not only because they appreciate the craft of the music but because they want to do something positive with themselves. “At the same time I like that there are trendy ‘wanna-be’ artists out there because it separates the real artists (like myself) from the fake ‘wanna-be’ famous wave riders out there”, said Kam.

In this day and age, the internet and social media play a big role in music. “The internet has allowed artists from all over to be heard no matter what they sound like or where they are from. It has changed what we call Rap/Hip-Hop today by allowing people from different backgrounds to implement their own sounds and stories & influence whatever type of fan base they’ve created”, Kam said. The internet in the music industry can be a blessing and a curse. “One day you can be the hottest thing out then within a year you’re nobody again unless you find a way to stay relevant.. in some cases you can lose yourself trying to feel accepted”, said Kam.

If you are anything like me music is everything. Music makes me happy, music makes me feel alive, and it helps me tap into my innermost thoughts and emotions. Music has the power to culturally, morally, and emotionally influence our society, but even more importantly, it communicates a message. The message behind Baby Chopo’s (Kam’s) music is to be you. “Live life to the fullest but do so with caution because not everyone wants to see you win or be happy”, Kam emphasized. “Everybody has a struggle in life nothing is perfect just gotta find what makes you happy & use it to make life better”. He wants everyone who listens to his music to know they can do ANYTHING they put their mind to.

We should all be looking forward to some big things from Baby Chopo. He informed us that he is now working on creating a brand. “I'm taking a break from dropping music and investing in my own studio equipment so that I can record myself and be more consistent”, said Kam. He also mentioned plans of creating a label with custom merch and t-shirts. “I want to be able to provide generational wealth for my family and positively influence the youth because that’s what matters most”, said Kam, “... that’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” He is not just into the music, Kam says he is now focused more on the business side of things. He wants to be big and make meaningful change and impact. “...I have a son to look after now, I want him to look at me and feel he can take over the world because his daddy did it”, he said. Kam has big plans to inspire, create wealth, make positive change, and most importantly leave a legacy behind that can be forever appreciated.

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