Creating Balance

Hey blog fam. How’s everyone? I’ll be the first one to say I haven’t been as consistent with writing as I was when I first started. I’m going to be transparent since this is a personal blog. Some days I amaze myself...other days I put the car keys in the fridge. Lol! I started this blog as a way to improve my journalism and writing skills, tell people more about myself, and speak publicly on a platform about the things that I want to talk about like personal life, college, friendship, music, dating, church, etc. I really haven’t been doing that consistently at all lately. The reason is because I have a lot on my plate as of right now. I started this blog in mid April, then I started my own business in the beginning of June, I’m starting summer classes soon, and I’m now preparing to leave for military duty all while trying to live my personal life and pay attention to very aspect of my life. I won’t lie y’all, it’s been quite a lot honestly but I won’t complain because I am extremely blessed. I thank God so much. I’m going to share with you all one thing I’ve definitely been kind of struggling to do these days which is creating balance. It always feels like there’s not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do. There’s 24 hours in a day and it just isn’t long enough do every single thing I want. Lately I’ve been trying to find ways to balance everything because balance is very important. Balanced living is considering every aspect of your life and making time to take care of all of your responsibilities and most importantly making time for yourself. When you don’t have any balance in life you tend to spend more time on one thing or things of little importance and less time on other things. For example, if you spend too much time on your social life, you’ll miss out on the other more important parts of your life like school, family, your relationships, and most importantly, God. I’ve been finding ways to create and maintain balance in my life. Having the blog and posting new content, school, being in the military, operating a business, and living my personal life without them all clashing can be a challenge at times. If spend too much time on one thing or one aspect of my life I miss out on or show less attention to another which isn’t always good. One thing that I’m doing to gain more balance in life is creating a new schedule/routine. A routine helps me to start my day at a set time and allot a certain amount of time to complete tasks that I need to get done daily. Another thing I’m beginning to do is be more intentional with prioritizing my time. Personally, I’ve been sleeping way too late in the day recently which makes me have less time to take care of tasks I want and need to complete. When I prioritize my time I do the most important things first and leave the less important things for later or I make sure that I clear my day of things and distractions that prevent me from my responsibilities. Balance is also knowing where to sit back and just stop. We tend to work so hard and go and go and go until we can’t go anymore. We have to know when to sit back and chill and have days where we just don’t do anything and just rest and take care of ourselves. One thing I learned is that you can not find balance... you must create it. Creating balance in your life may look like creating a better routine than the one you have now, being more intentional about how you spend your time and energy, paying attention to the things in your life that really matter (health, relationships, fitness, family, etc.) and establishing new goals for yourself in each aspect of your life. With that being said, make sure you all are living a balanced life. Balance brings peace and less space for anxiety or worry. Remember to keep praying and trust God‘s plan even when we don’t understand. -Christa J.

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