Failed coup attempt at U.S Capitol by White Supremacists leads to heated racial conversations

Wednesday, in a last minute attempt to refute the results of the 2020 election, an infuriated pro-Trump mob attacked the U.S Capitol in an attempt to overthrow our democracy. Upset white supremacists egged on by Donald Trump stormed into the capitol occupying the building, removing American flags and replacing them with Trump flags, stealing Nancy Pelosi’s mail and lectern, breaking windows, and ultimately causing national and worldwide chaos. In videos circulating all over social media, police officers were seen removing the barricade between the mob and the building letting them take control of the area. Not only did officers let them in, after the damage was done and obvious crimes were committed, they walked them out of the building WITHOUT handcuffs, making sure they made it SAFELY out the building with no harm, and assisting them down the steps by holding hands. This attack spoke volumes to everyone in America who watched as this all unfolded on our televisions and screens just two days ago. Quite frankly, we all know that this was not just a message of White privilege but this was an event portraying white power at its highest peak. Just last year, Black people PEACEFULLY protested the murder of George Floyd and officers harassed and tear gassed innocent, unarmed black women and men just because they were there but when domestic terrorists actually pose a threat and attempt to illegally occupy a government building, officers barely moved with a sense of urgency. This is absolutely insane. Sad but not surprising. Unfortunately this is our reality.

When things like this happen, many of us are often faced with the aftermath of controversy and heated conversations about the opinions of people who don’t see the significance and fail to understand how everything boils back down to race. We ALL know that if Black, brown, and other indigenous people would’ve even considered stepping near the capitol with any type of aggressive energy, the story and headlines would have been very different. I’ve seen a multitude of people arguing on social media and comparing this event to the looting that happened months ago following the death of George Floyd. Please understand that there are several levels of magnitude between "smashing a Starbucks window in general mayhem" and "breaking into the U.S capitol while congress is in session because you believe the ongoing election certification is fraudulent". The two are not to be conflated. Looting is indeed a crime, it’s theft and property destruction...but breaching the Capitol with the sole intent of preventing a democratic election from being certified with leaders cowering under desks is blatant terrorism. Let’s go ahead and call a spade a spade! Although some have chosen to overlook the principle behind why the attack on the capitol was more than just a “protest”, many have been using their platforms to spread a message that keeps getting replayed in history and one too many choose to never understand. MSNBC’s Joy Reid said on national television, “...White Americans are never afraid of the cops, even when they’re committing insurrection, even when they’re engaged in attempting to occupy our capitol to steal the votes of people who look like me because in their minds they own this country...they own that capitol...they own the cops.. the cops work for them and people like me have no damn right to try to elect a President...”. And that pretty much sums up this entire political era.

I urge you to not take what you're seeing lightly, this is not the first time we've been shown America's true colors. Keep having the difficult conversations that need to be had, addressing racism, and using your voices and platforms to talk about what many don't want to accept... the truth.

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