My First Blog Post

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Hey everyone, its Christa here. You may have read my all about me section but that's not even the half... let's really dig into my life. Currently, I am a sophomore (almost junior) at Savannah State University where I major in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism. I am in love with writing and I never knew how much I really loved reading and writing until about 6 and a half months ago. ELA and reading were always my favorite subjects in school but I never thought I would invest in writing as a serious career. I've been starting to read more and I have definitely been writing very frequently. I don't just write for school and for assignments, I write for fun, write for a non-profit writing organization called Noodle, I sometimes write for my school newspaper, Tiger’s Roar, and even for therapeutic reasons. I talk about my school a lot because I am in love with it! My orange and blue HBCU is my life, seriously. My life doesn’t just stop with writing. I’m an extremely busy person and I always have so many things on my plate. Like I said, I love my HBCU so I’m highly involved there, my church is another thing that always has my time, along with my military service, and everything else that falls in between. I’ve been wanting to launch a blog for a while now. My teacher suggested it and I see so many bloggers share their ideas and lives with people through their online blog platforms so I just figured right now was the perfect time to get mine going. School is fully online, we’re in quarantine because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and just because... why not. The focus of my blog will be my personal life. I will be posting a lot on here about my interests like fashion, music, etc., I will share my articles from Noodle with you all, my opinions on current events, and definitely pictures. I will use this platform to really explore the facets of journalism and to share my beautiful, yet crazy journey with all of you. -Christa J.

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