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Local Teen Creates talk show Encouraging Youth in the Community

Ja’Quan Oliver, local teen, minister, and community advocate has created his own talk show, the Dear Young People show(The DYP Show). The show was created to empower the hearts and minds of young people all over. The purpose of this show is to share “the stories of young entrepreneur’s and provide a platform for talented young people to perform and share their talents” says Oliver. The platform was inspired many years ago by inspirational quotes he would send to family members and friends that later grew to 600 young people from local middle and high schools. Oliver says, it’s always been a dream of his to become a show host and radio personality aside from preaching the Gospel. He launched the first segment back in May of 2020 and has continued to maintain it to fulfill its original purpose! The DYP Show was launched during a crucial time but Oliver says he likes being able to spotlight young people who are trailblazing amidst the pandemic. Oliver says the DYP Show is very big on supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses. Each segment is filmed at different locations around the Savannah area. “As DearYoungPeople grew even more, I found ways to give back to the community”, said Oliver. Not only does this talk show help entrepreneurs in the area tell their story but it exposes the community to the products and services these individuals can provide and offer to everyone watching.

On each segment of DearYoungPeople, there is a set order of things in which the audience can appreciate. Oliver begins by opening up with an amazing conversation among himself and his guest(s). Following the interview, he includes lively entertainment, and lastly, the show closes out with empowering words from none other than the host Mr. Ja’Quan himself. Although Oliver does enjoy each part of his show, if he had to choose, his favorite part of the show would be sitting down and engaging with the guests and listening to their amazing stories, he revealed to us in our interview.

As with any business or project challenges do arise. Oliver shared his personal experience with us, “I can reflect back on the first two segments of the show, everyone was so excited to watch the show. So many people shared and gave great reviews. Weeks passed and it had come time for the next few segments to air...I noticed the viewing had gone down”, said Oliver. In spite of what he saw, he kept going and continued filming. He said that he then came to realize that the views and numbers were not important at all and that what matters most is the impact of the show. Oliver was motivated to stay consistent and with time the show did grow and gain more attention (though that is not his main focus). There, he realized how much he had grown!

Although the DYP Show is not faith-based, Oliver says he will never overlook God for giving him the vision. In our interview, he discussed the role of faith in his show, “...though the show is not geared to spiritual teachings, God still plays a major role: He is the true foundation! Without Him there would be no DYP Show”, said Oliver. The DYP Show is coming into 2021 even stronger than last year. Ja’Quan says, “Some may say in the coming years, however, I have a strong faith that in the coming months things will become even greater for DearYoungPeople. I would like to see an increase in viewer engagement and etc!”.

Christa J Blog: Up Close and Personal is especially excited about the things Mr. Ja’Quan Oliver is doing in the community. We appreciate his dedication, motivation, and concern for our community and the young people in this area. Please make sure you check out and support Ja’Quan’s show and that you keep up with everything he’s doing on social media. Keep up the good work Ja’Quan, we see you and we are so proud of you!

"Why waste time trying to fit in, knowing that God didn't create me for a crowd but he designed me to stand before the crowds!" -Ja’Quan Oliver

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