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You Gotta Read 2 Succeed

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The more I write the more I see that reading is the key to becoming a better writer. I told myself around December last year that 2020 would be the year I made reading a necessity and priority. Before 2019 ended, myself and a couple of my friends visited a local Barnes & Noble and going there browsing for books turned out to be way more fun than I expected. There were so many books of different genres and styles, with so many different messages to unlock behind its pages. I made it a mandatory goal to collect more books in 2020 and to read as much as I could when I have time to. For Christmas, I did something I usually don’t do. I told all my friends and family that I didn’t want anything for Christmas and not to give me anything unless it was money, books, or unless they just really wanted to get me something. As a result, I received about 3 new books for Christmas. Every Last Word, Lost & Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life, and Dear Martin. I have not finished them all yet but I am half way through Dear Martin. I couldn’t even read the books I got for Christmas because another book series caught my attention. Yes, I know... I cheated on my new books with not just one book but a whole 4 book series. Lol! Anyways, this book series was loaned to me by a friend and it has been absolutely amazing. It took my interest by surprise. The horror, suspense filled, thriller book series The Merciless, really taught me the value in not limiting myself to one genre and style of books. I always read drama or romance, so The Merciless really was a huge change for me. I read three chapters of the first book in about 2 hours and from there the obsession began. I found myself reading 6 and 7 chapters a day, taking the book everywhere I went, and not going to bed until I figured out what was going to happen next. I finished the first book in about three days. I fell in love with the series and read the next 2 books following the first one in the same manner. I have the fourth book of the series but I haven’t gotten around to reading because of how busy I’ve been with online classes but when the busyness dies down, I will definitely be finishing the last book! I’m happy I was introduced to a new genre of books and I will continue to explore new genres because it is important to the development of writing skills. New genres of books can help you find new interests, improve your vocabulary, expose you to new content, broaden your perspective, and ultimately help you become more creative. You may not be a writer but you can really pick up some seriously impressive skills from reading. You should try it. I dare you! 🤟🏾🙂

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